I am a Belgian artist who has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 2011.
I was born in 1984 and grew up in the sunny countryside of the south of Belgium. 
I studied illustration in Liege (Belgium) and Perugia (Italy) and later also graduated as an art teacher.
My work has been shown in Scotland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands and has won multiple prizes including the W Gordon Smith award and the Visual Artist and Craft Maker award of the City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland.


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I am a visual artist who makes prints, drawings, artists books and 3D objects. I am interested in creating open visual narratives and exploring multiple points of view.

My strong interest in graphic novels, cinema and photography is noticeable in my work and my main influences come from these disciplines.
Drawing is always a prominent feature in my work and guides the way I use various printmaking techniques such as cyanotype, screenprinting and stone lithography.

I use the book form and 3D objects to add nuances, fluidity, a variety of angles, elements of time and discovery to my pieces. Using different art forms and scales, I try to present the viewer with a varied, playful and immersive experience.


You can find my work at
The Sutton Gallery
Gallery Ten
Edinburgh Printmakers
Amber Arts
The Marchmont Gallery
EDS Gallery
Le Comptoir du Livre


I have worked as an art teacher in Belgium, Canada and Scotland. I currently teach various drawing and illustration classes at The Edinburgh Drawing School, Edinburgh Printmakers, St Cecilia’s Hall (The University of Edinburgh) and the National Museum of Scotland.

About printmaking

If you are wondering how I make my prints, check out these great videos with demonstrations and explanations by Edinburgh Printmakers technicians:  Screenprinting
Stone Lithography


All images and text ©Cécile Simonis