Hello! I am an illustrator and writer of comics and stories. I write and draw for kids and adults.

My work is inspired by science, the natural world, history and music. It can refer to complex and technical things, but also includes a lot of cheeky animals and creatures.

I love drawing by hand, walking in the forest, printing with the riso machine and making up silly songs.

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I’m a member of the Associations of Illustrators. You can access my folio on their site here ︎

Click here︎ if you want to have a look at my CV.

I’m a non binary creature of the woods but I don’t care about pronouns much. You can call me what you like... but don’t hesitate to call me! I’m a LGBTQAI+ illustrator and interesed in themes in link with our community too. Don’t hesitate to contact me for such projects either. 
Museum, an illustrated story

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