Cécile Simonis is a Belgian artist and educator,
who has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 2011.

Cécile was born in Belgium in 1984. She studied illustration in Belgium and Italy and later also graduated as an art teacher.
Her work has been shown in Scotland, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands and has won several prizes .

Cécile creates prints, drawings, artists books and 3D objects that mix observations with imaginary elements and travel through time and space.
Her strong interest in graphic novels, cinema and photography,  
mediums that link image-making and storytelling is noticeable in her work.
She is interested in creating open visual narratives in her prints, drawings, books and, in her 3D work, exploring multiple points of view.

Cécile has worked as an art teacher in Belgium, Canada and Scotland. She currently teaches drawing and illustration at The Edinburgh Drawing School and for Edinburgh City Council (within the Adult Education Programme).
She also works as a free lance tutor for other institutions such as Edinburgh Printmakers.

You can find Cécile’s work at 
The Sutton Gallery
Gallery Ten
Edinburgh Printmakers
Le Comptoir du Livre

And have a look at her online shop for small prints and books


All images ©Cécile Simonis