I am an illustrator and visual artist who makes zines and artists books, drawings, prints, and 3D objects.

I aim to create open visual narratives and explore multiple points of view in my work. This often leads me to using very different media while exploring converging ideas. Using different art forms, I try to present the viewer with a varied, playful and immersive experience.

I like art that is welcoming and accessible to all, regardless of age or background and try to create narratives that everyone can find a way into.

My work is concerned with ways of looking at or interacting with nature, and with different notions or perceptions of time. Extinction is a recurring subject, as well as our relationship with our own wilderness. Science (space observation and exploration, and ecology in particular) are often present in my work.

Drawing is always a prominent feature in my pieces and guides the way I build my artworks as well as the way I use various printmaking techniques such as cyanotype, screenprinting and stone lithography.

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